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Enhance your tabletop aesthetics with our custom MDF board coasters an exquisite blend of functionality and personal style. Crafted from durable

Medium Density Fiberboard, these coasters provide a sleek and modern backdrop for your unique designs, logos, or messages. The high quality printing ensures vivid and enduring customization, making them perfect for both practical use and promotional purposes. Elevate your dining or office experience with these custom Cork Board Coasters that seamlessly marry form and function.

Cork Board Coasters

    • Material: MDF Board
    • Thickness: Standard thickness options available, typically ranging from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch

    • Shape: Available in various shapes, including square, round, or custom shapes to suit your design.

    • Size: Standard coaster sizes available, such as 3.5 inches or 4 inches in diameter

    • Printing Method: High quality digital printing for precise and vibrant customization. Full color printing capabilities for intricate designs.

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