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The Christmas Temporary Tattoo Christmas Themed for Party is a festive and fun product designed to add a touch of holiday cheer to your celebrations. These stickers are perfect for body decoration and promotional activities during the Christmas season. Each tattoo sticker is made using high-quality water transfer paper, adhesive glue, vibrant inks, and PET release film, ensuring a durable and attractive finish.The printing process utilizes CMYK printing, which allows for a wide range of colors and sharp, detailed designs.One of the key features of these temporary tattoos is their non-toxic and eco-friendly composition. This ensures that they are safe for all users, including children, making them a great addition to family gatherings and holiday parties. The tattoos are easy to apply and remove, providing convenience and flexibility for users. They adhere well to the skin and can be easily removed with water and soap when desired.


Custom Baby Arm Body Temporary Tattoos Christmas-Themed For Party

    • Size : Customized

    • Feature : Temporary

    • Color : CMYK

    • Material : Non-toxin

    • Application : Decoratation

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