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The waterproof removable custom design promotion company temporary  logo tattoo stickers offer a unique and engaging way to promote brands and events. These custom temporary tattoos are designed to be eye-catching and versatile, with the size of each tattoo customizable to meet specific requirements. Available in multicolor, these waterproof tattoo stickers are designed to withstand exposure to water, making them perfect for various events, including outdoor festivals, sports events, and pool parties. Their non-toxic and eco-friendly composition ensures safety for all users, meeting stringent international safety standards. The ease of application and removal makes them user-friendly, allowing for quick application before an event and easy removal afterward without leaving residue or causing irritation.


Custom Design Promotion Company Temporary Logo Tattoo

    • Size : 208*105mm

    • Feature : Temporary

    • Color : Multicolor waterproof tattoo sticker

    • Material : 175gsm water transfer paper+ Inks+ Eco friendly PET release film


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