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Introducing our Custom Men Temporary Tattoo Stickers, designed to provide long-lasting and stylish body art. These tattoos can last between 7-14 days, giving you the freedom to enjoy your temporary ink without frequent reapplication. The tattoos come in a rich, dark blue color, adding a striking and bold look to your skin. Our Semi-Permanent Tattoo Stickers are made with safety in mind. They are waterproof and easy to use, ensuring that they stay intact through showers, swims, and daily activities. Applying the tattoos is simple: just place, press, and peel for an instant piece of art. 

Custom Men Temporary Tattoo

    • Size: 19*32cm

    • Color :  Dark Blue 

    • Feature : Safe, Waterproof, easy to use etc.

    • Long Last : 7-14 Days

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