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We are pleased to present our Custom Printed Flannel Jewelry Pouches, which combine luxury and customization. Using these distinctively designed pouches with your personalized prints, logos, or messages, you can elevate the presentation of your jewelry. These pouches, which are made from soft, premium flannel, not only give your jewelry a stylish and safe place to live, but they also elegantly display your brand or personal style. Whether you're gifting, selling, or celebrating special occasions, our Custom Printed Flannel Jewelry Pouches add a chic and personalized touch to your priceless items. Select refinement and personalization; these flannel pouches will stand out and give your jewelry collection a touch more opulence.

Flannel Jewelry Pouches

    • Material: Flannel
    • Printing: Silk Screen Printing
    • Size: Custom size
    • Color: CYMK/Pantone Color

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