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Illuminate the night with our Custom Printed Glow In The Dark Rubber Wristbands. Crafted with high quality, luminous rubber material, these wristbands offer a unique and eye catching way to express yourself or promote your brand. By day, they showcase vibrant custom prints, and by night, they radiate a captivating glow. Ideal for concerts, parties, and events, these wristbands provide a dynamic and memorable experience. Stand out in the darkness and make a lasting impression with our custom printed glow in the dark rubber wristbands.

Glow In The Dark Wristbands

    • Size (Length): 202mm , 190mm, 180mm, 160mm
    • Width: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
    • Logo/Design: silk print, debossed ( engrave), embossed (2D effect), cmyk ( full color printing)

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