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Experience the perfect blend of convenience and sustainability with our custom non woven vest bags. Designed for versatility and eco friendliness, these bags offer a comfortable and stylish solution for your on the go needs. With the added benefit of being customizable, you can showcase your unique brand, logo, or message on these durable vests. Perfect for shopping, events, or promotions, our custom non woven vest bags provide a functional and eco conscious alternative that doesn't compromise on style.

Non Woven Vest Bag

    • Material: Constructed from durable and eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene material.
    • Design : 
      - Vest-style design for easy and comfortable wear.
      - Customizable with unique designs, logos, or messages to suit individual or brand preferences.
    • Dimensions:
      - Standard size options available, or customizable to meet specific requirements.
      - Designed to offer ample space for carrying a variety of items.

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