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Experience the vibrant world of Sublimation Full Color Ribbons where creativity meets precision. Our cutting edge sublimation technology ensures that every ribbon is a canvas for unlimited color possibilities. Whether you're personalizing gifts, crafting, or adding a professional touch to your projects, our ribbons deliver stunning, high resolution prints that captivate and elevate. Dive into a spectrum of vivid hues and unmatched detailing with Sublimation Full Color Ribbons where your imagination knows no bounds.

Sublimation Ribbon

    • Material : High quality polyester fabric ensures durability and a smooth printing surface.
    • Width : Available in various widths to suit different applications, ranging from 15mm , 20mm , 25mm and 30mm.
    • Length : Our standard is 100 yards.
    • Color Options : Available in an extensive palette of colors to match specific color schemes or complement a wide range of projects.

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