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Explore a new dimension of customization with our Custom Tubular Lanyard Printing. These lanyards boast a unique tubular design, offering a modern and comfortable accessory for your branding needs. Our advanced printing technology ensures that your logos and designs are vividly displayed on the tubular surface, creating a dynamic and eye catching look. Perfect for events, promotions, or daily use. Elevate your brand with our Custom Tubular Lanyard Printing a stylish and versatile choice that leaves a lasting impression.

Tubular Lanyard

    • Material : High quality tubular fabric for a lightweight and comfortable feel.
    • Design : Fully customizable with precision printing on the tubular surface, allowing for intricate logos, text, and designs.
    • Size : 255mm x 20mm
    • Attachment Options : Choose from a variety of attachment options, including swivel hooks, badge clips, or other hardware, to suit your specific needs.

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